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A Little Bit About 8Technologist

8Technologist is the perfect home for tech geeks and internet savvy. We provide high-quality Tech Services and always aim for complete customer satisfaction.  After our vast following on different social media platforms, we decide to get in touch more broadly with our dear viewers and clients. For these reasons, we provide standard Blogs for our readers. While we aim and focus on delivering quality tech services, we also emphasize giving quality content to our readers.

So, if you have a magical flow of writing and can magically spell the reader to stick around, then you are most welcome to WRITE FOR US!

Why Write For Us?

Before diving into these “Writing Guidelines”, let’s make this clear that our site is fully related to ‘Technology’ and we only welcome those blogs that are related to tech. The blog post topics should be about the latest Technology & Trends, Web Development & Design, 2D Animated & Explainer Videos, Digital Marketing & SEO, Social Media Branding, Graphic Designing, UI/UX, Photography, etc.

Our website has not only a huge following, but we have an enormous amount of website traffic that can be very much productive for you. Your creative writing will connect thousands of readers to you. The core thing we want from you is that the content should be completely fresh, unique, and engaging for our readers.

We not only give chances to professional writers, but we also make sure that newbies can also write for us keenly. They will surely receive massive and organic traffic on their blogs, and also they will be able to create a quality portfolio for their writing.

Submission Guidelines

We always focus on quality over quantity. And we expect unique and plagiarism free content from our writers. Before Writing and Submitting, you have to send us some Pitching Ideas and Topic Titles before starting your Blog. And you have to take care of our writing guidelines of formatting, styling, and word counts. We are a blog submission website & offer free guest posting for non-sponsored blogs. Following are the key features and guides that must be followed:

1.    Use Your Unique Tone & Be Original 

You have to be sure that the content should not be published anywhere and must be 100% original. We are looking for such content that hasn’t been published on any other site. We know that blogs are informal, and their tone sounds more natural. So, just be yourself and choose a topic that matches our target audience. These assists will help you in creating a perfect piece. Make sure the topic title and content are not the same or have already published on our blog page. You can check it before you come up with the article titles. Duplications must be avoided.

2.    Word Count & Keywords

Our preferred length is 850-2500 words. And for keywords, we suggest you to not stuff keywords on the blog. For instance, if you have written a 1000 words content, then add only 4 focused keywords. Please note that we have a right to include or exclude the keywords or links we find inappropriate on your blog. We implement official rules and follow strict policies of Google Algorithms.

3. Pictures & Paragraph

Make sure to use images that are free to use for modification and reuse. Do not add copyrighted images as it will be difficult to publish your article. You can download free images from PexelsFreepik, or Unsplash. And do add the source link below the image. Try to maintain a neat decorum in your writing and your paragraph should be maxed of 150 words.

4.    Adding Links To Your Blog

If you include links, make sure the links are relevant to the blog itself. And if you are using Statistics in the content, you MUST have to add the reference link in it. Do not post links just for the sake of bringing traffic to your own website. If you have written 1000 words of the blog then you must have to include at least 3 external links to high DA websites. And remember that you can also submit your infographic & guestographics posting too.

5.    Your & Our Own Edits Before Publishing

We know that writing is an art, and with thorough research, it does consume enough time. Before submitting a blog to us, make sure that the draft is free from all errors of grammatical and typos. We’ll be reviewing your contents thoroughly, and we might edit or remove the material that contains copyrighted stuff. Once your article is published on our blog page, we can not take it down due to the ongoing publishing policy of Google.

6.    Include Your Bio

We suggest you write your short biography (3-4 sentences) at the end of your blog. You can also include links to your own personal website/blog. If you have none, then you can add your personal social media profiles. We respect the credibility of an author, and through this way, the readers will have a way of getting in contact with you if needed.

7.    Share & Spread Your Blog

Once your blog is published, we encourage you to share and promote it on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, or any other social media platforms you have access to.

How To Submit Your Blog & Articles For Publication

Just email us your pitch or submit your article at [email protected] or [email protected] with a subject line related to “Write for” or “Guest Post”. Being one of the ideal guest blogging sites, we are very much responsive to our emails and messages but we suggest you be patient as we already have numerous mails to cope with. After submission, you have to wait a bit as we do a quality check before the publication. 

In the end, we encourage you to WRITE FOR THE HUMANS, not just for the GOOGLE BOTS or CRAWLERS. We all know what’s happening in Google Algorithms as they all are inclining towards the quality of the contents. Hence, Content is still the King in 2021! 

Thank you for putting your time into reading these essential guides. We are looking forward to your valuable contribution to our website. Happy writing!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab and grip into your keyboard keys and dive into the ocean of your creativity. Here is a quote for your starter pack:


“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

— Louis L’Amour


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