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Cryptography And Its Basic Mechanism

The phenomenon to conceal the message to begin secrecy in the information protection and to secure the communication is known as cryptography. Cryptography is such a phenomenon of art and science of certain secret writing, so basically the cryptographers create up the ciphers, and the ones who break it are the cryptanalyst.

In cryptography, the work is essential to be stated in as coding up the messages in such a way that it could only be understood by a certain person you select and could have to access up the information and so that the unauthorized ones cannot encrypt the program or cannot extract the information even if the message that has been scrambled fell up to their hands.

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Cryptography is generally a Greek word that is made from the combination of two words that the “Krypto” meaning hidden and the “Graphene” which means writing.

The Basic Mechanism of Cryptography

Basically, cryptography is usually used to secure up highly confidential information and is a mechanism to hide throughput the information that is taken as a confidential secret. It is generally a process to convert up the data and the information to the frequent form of cipher-text. And the process is done through the decipherable form when the time reaches to state the authorized user.

The mechanism that is highly important in cryptography is the encryption and decryption of the data. The symmetric key in cryptography is known to be the secret key. And the asymmetric key is a certain means to be as the public key. The secret key working is like to be known as very much complicated. The original and the real information is to be transformed into the encrypted process. Throughout using the secret key then it comes back to its readable form with the help of another secret key.

The public key works as in the form of asymmetric the process of the private or the secret key transformation are persistently used to transform up the real data. And into the form of a cipher, then after these procedures at the other end, the use of a public key is essential to use up the data in converting up the data that has been decrypted again. The public key can be handy in use. And as it provides the most suitable to be used and for converting the data with a small amount. But provides the process throughout the slow data transformation.

Benefits of Using Cryptography

The procedure for using private and public eying is beneficial. If the secret is upheld by getting unoriginal or being copied. The more benefits for this terminology is that it is a benefit for law and bank firms. And also for the frequent agencies to keep up their more reliable and safe.

The Basic Goals of Cryptography

The basic goal is confidentiality. And to provide the most specular and utmost security to the data. The much use of secret and public key in cryptography. It also makes sure that it has been a valid authentication that data that is originally reached to the ultimate and the selected user. There have been different types of forms of the process of cipher which are briefly defined below:


It is a type of cipher that used the encryption of data. And made it much affection for certain unreadable objects by using an identical way of using algorithm keys. And for decrypting and encrypting the data. Hence this is called the Symmetric Cipher. Its procedure of working is much faster than that asymmetric. And are a much reliable way to protect and add up the security or personal information.

The working of this cryptography implements the works as first encrypting the data. And then between two of the places the parties that are in have to agree on the same use of the algorithm. So that it receives and can decrypt the data easily. There are mainly two types of symmetric ciphers that are used to encrypt and decrypt your certain data or information. And they are:

  1. Stream Ciphers
  2. Block Ciphers

Stream ciphers can be used to explode up the encryption program. And while the block cipher has the accuracy to get the work done in a single part.


The only difference between the symmetric and asymmetric is that the key used in this cryptography is not identical to get the work done of doing encryption and decryption. In this process, there is a form of two keys. And that is generally known to be the public and private key.

The use of the public key occurred when the process came to place in sharing locally. And the use of private works when the procedure of hiding or secret is assumed. The public can be used to encrypt the program while the private to decrypt the frequent data and system.

The working depends on the receiver end for decrypting up the program. The procedure also claims as to the working of the keys of the public. And send through the sender for encryption and the rest for receiving end for decrypting up the program. This cryptography is much slower than the symmetric ciphers.

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