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Software Project Management And Understanding Of Defects In The SDLC

Project management is basically known as the methodology of organizing the activities of a certain project. And about its part. Frequently the project manager must have the resources of the focus. And controlled management. And that is belonging to the organizational requirements.

As we have mentioned in our many technologist guest posts about software project management.

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Software project management is a subordinate of Software Engineering. Which concerns the methods of resources, risk, and cost of your project. And which letter made as your product. It can be done into business matters also as a deliverables phenomenon.

The main use of this management is also for the project stakeholders. And embedded into the talking, or with the collaboration of communication between them.

The following are the phases. And the case studies that will showcase how software project management is important.


As project management is the core meet-up of the requirements of tools and techniques of a particular project. This comes in stages that are defined below:

1. Project Initiation AND Conception

It is the positive assumption of the projection team that may include that the project. And it will give the benefit and is ready to go on. And to start-up planning of the idea for a project. A decision to start up the phase of projects.

2. Project Definition AND Planning

The Outline of a project and the identification of the project. And the tools or techniques that needed to be implemented on the project.

3. Project Launch Or Execution

In this phase, the work of distribution begins. And certain teams are launched to do their frequent jobs to maintain the projects which are related to the information of projects.

4. Project Performance AND Control

The progress phase as they perform and the techniques used by the team management. The leader then adjusts the time tables. And maintain or distribute that which is necessary.

5. Project Closure

Now the stage where the procedures of the task complete. And is approved by the client. A good evaluation is necessary to check out all the inputs embedded in the project. It will be a good sign in closing out the phases of the project.


The activities involved in the software organization are monitoring, controlling, planning. And tracking and the deliverables of the project.

They are the basic most important features to carry out the product/project successfully. Hence by following up on these techniques a project can be unique with the best distinct goal. And it should boost up the company as it has followed up all the rules that were essential in the activities.


As the Software Development Life Cycle is an ideal process in the field of computer science. And that ensures and increases up the quality of software to be more efficient. And its result to be shown as the software build in the best models.

In SDLC there are most probably 5 phases that ensure that in every phase a process. And deliverables will hold onto in ideal work. The phases are analysis, design, implementation, requirements, and testing.
project management
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To explain more efficiently a certain scenario is defined as there is a software development organization. And that wants to develop their software in a remote location.

So there might be possible many errors and bugs that will arise during the process. And in the phases of SDLC (Systems development life cycle).


(Problem in Collaboration)

Due to the location, the place will be eventually far. And it will take a certain time to gather up the information the problem will be in the analysis if two teams gather there.

One will be operating in a remote location while the other will be operating from an external source. And the client will also be at their side. It is possible it will cause the problem in collaboration and time. Things might go wrong as the sides of 2 teams may blame each other. And if any crisis or problem emerges.


(Problems with Design AND Development team)

Typically while working on remote location areas there are teams to be made in the collaboration. Due to the lack of information and knowledge of the necessary equipment. And material to be done, the development team might create not such ideal software. This management is then head to the product owner that manages these processes in good shape.

CODING & TESTING (Problem in Culture)

When collaborating with other teams in this remote location. The problems arise in communication and delays that can’t be understood by both of the teams. And that might be due to their different behavior.

So it is possible while coding at the same moment. Or in testing the SDLC phase it sometimes is hard to collaborate to bring out the exact results.


(Problem in Miscommunication)

As the remote team members are well eager to involve in every situation. And in every process, the problems arise here that the remote members are very far away. And the client doesn’t see their working on a certain project.

So this is what called the “black box”.  This means that the client or other external source project members are sending information or frequent requirements. And expect the outcome to be done.


In order to maintain your phases of SDLC. And to exclude out the problems that are having in the remote location of the software development organization team. Following are some possible solutions:

Every member should believe in the Team Spirit. And must respect each other culture. In order to gain the momentum of each other’s hard work to get the job done in a successful way. You can read the finest technology blogs to increase your knowledge to solve the problems.

The Knowledge Transfer is an ideal way. Which impacts both the members to turn the worst condition. Into a good change in the condition.

The Communication Rhythm is most important in these problems. The solution states here that the group leader must arrange such daily standup times for the meeting faculty. And that should know about every detail that has to be done in the project.

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