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7 Finest Technology Blogs To Follow In 2022

In this age of modern technology, things are going pretty fast pace. Within each day, we can see a lot of developments in certain fields of machinery, business, health, and technology. To get aware of these trendy and latest inventions, one can rely on finest technology blogs and can reduce its fear of missing out. According to statista, the numbers of enthusiastic bloggers in the region of the United States are set to be reaching 31.7 million users in 2020.

So, to keep up with the exciting and disruptive technology trends in the market, we have prepared some really productive and finest technology blogs list:

1. TechCrunch

One of the most visited sites ‘TechCrunch’ is on our no: 01 spot. The site is just not only popular for its sober UI but it has the material that the readers need. This blogging site is mostly focus on the latest trends of the startup world and adding up to the contents of new tech features.

techcrunchImage Source

The reading style is quite familiar to everyone, and even if you are not a native English speaker. They have tons of interesting podcasts that are often technology-focused and so you can listen to them if you don’t like reading the e-news.

2. Wired

If you are into that technology news that play important role in our day-to-day lives, then Wired is the ultimate blog for you. This platform not only covers the daily and latest trends of news but if you are interested in business, science, security, and more, then this is an ideal digital-area for you.

wiredImage Source

The material is always very well-written with authentic sources and a reader is never bore while reading its content. One of the reasons why this website has higher traffic than others is that many of the professional and industry leaders follow this platform, and also endorse others to read the latest tech-trends.

3. The Next Web

This site is consider the most viewed tech website in the world. The ideal reasons are that it has some high-quality material and the design of the website is so attractive that the users love to explore more, while finding some worthy content.

The next webImage Source

With tons of perfect product reviews and the detailing of the latest gadgets, this site is also focused to give a list of popular tech conferences and events you can attend. As the name suggests, this site is aimed at the news for next-generation gadgets, and it does always write down the popular innovations in the most efficient way.

4. Mashable

One of the most leading blog site and the platform that provides excellent and worthy-written content is Mashable. This infotainment hub not only provides you with the daily latest tech news but also has this unique art of reducing its bounce rate by posting the users’ favorite blogs.

MashableImage Source

With tons of material and content on the culture, entertainment, science, and business news, this site is also focus to provide fresh tech news and thus is countable in the list of the finest technology blogs.


With the amazing 94 domain authority, CNET is in our top 5 of the most read and popular technology blog. This website is most famous for the unbiased reviews of tech products. With plenty of instructional videos and minute-to-minute news about tech products and trends, it also gives the best instruction for technology consumers.

CnetImage Source

The reasons why it’s on the list is that it provides authentic and perfect reviews and prices of certain tech products and also satisfies the readers with its easy to read content material.

6. Venture Beat

Venture Beat is an ideal place for you if you are a full-time Tech and Geeky person!

It always keeps you up to date with the latest and trendy news that is related to technology. Things are pretty update and are relevant to the concern audience.

venture beat - finest technology blogsImage Source

The site is also focus on what’s happening in our day to day life with respect to technologies. It covers a massive amount of tech conferences and the important events happening around the world and always attracts its user’s audience in the most efficient way. With technology trends, if you are a business seeker to then you can also surf out on this perfect platform to get and know the insight of the tech-businesses industries.

7. The Verge

Do you know what domain authority is? It is a universal search engine ranking score that is created by MOZ, its function like a prediction score that how much a website is likely to be ranked on SERP.

the verge - finest technology blogsImage Source

The website Verge, has an outstanding score of 92 DA and is working since 2011. It’s one of the blogs that is most read by the tech industry leaders. Their blogs are always highly engaging and are stuff with the most authentic sources. Their stories on Gadget reviews are one of the most read by the tech geeks. And are always safe to share with others.

Bonus Finest Technology Blogs & Websites

Well, we are not finish here. We have some more honorable and ideal mention for you guys. Following are the websites that has some potential views and high traffic for their technology blogs section:


An ideal online technology platform where you can surf out some latest news related to gadget-focused.

Digital Trends

From the awesome covering of digital trends to the analysis of new and trendy products. This website is everything you want to read!

Business Insider

Now don’t think this site is fully related to Business. It also shows lots of potential Techs related news and other industry verticals.


The world is now totally a massive Global Village. And every other individual wants to stay updated with the trendy news no matter the specific niche. Technology has indeed played a vital role in every person’s lives. So, everyone wants to know how much they can spend their lives in the most effective and efficient way.

With daily updates of thousands of blogs, you can always get aware of your favorite Tech and non-tech news by visiting your favorite websites. Now wait no more and befriend one or two of the websites above and get your everyday modern tech news! 

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