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7 Proven Strategies To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic By 206%

There are proven ways to promote your blog. However, depending on the niche you are blogging about or your target audience, you need to ask yourself if promoting it worldwide is needed. Nevertheless, the most difficult aspect of blogging is promotion and this is where you will know the professionals and successful bloggers from the rest. You need to spend almost 80% of your time and resources in promoting your blog and the remaining 20% in article writing, SEO, etc. The aim of promoting a blog is to get website traffic, right? Now, let me dive into the steps you need to take. The following technique will increase your blog’s traffic.

1.   Promote Your blog At Social Media sites

The first step to take is to make sure you have a social media account for your blog. Not just a social media account, but the one that serves as a brand. E.g. if the name of your blog is ABC, then your social media accounts, for Facebook, for instance, should be facebook.com/abc. This same concept should be applied to Twitter, Instagram, and also Pinterest, etc. Promote your blog throughout the internet, use your social media to get your message across.

Invest your time and effort (money included) to build a strong follower base and likes for Twitter and Facebook respectively. I know this is hard and tough, but hey, do not give up. Spend time and get it done. The above promotional methods are for social media and it is a must you do it or else, your blog may not grow at all or die within one year and also add a social sharing button to your blog.

2.   Update You Old Content/blog

Refresh your old posts by updating them with new information. Restructure your posts and do not just Reuse them, Recycle it. Keep your content fresh by updating existing, old posts, and increasing your blog’s traffic. This will lead to increase traffic on your blog.

3.   Write Blogs for Humans, Not bots

Always try to represent your blog for humans,s not for bots or crawlers. Do not Let Keyword Stuffing Kill Your SEO. Do not try to add unnecessarily repeating words or phrases. Keep it simple and steady. So that humans can understand your blog.

4.   Upload Images and Videos on your blog

Always include photos and videos on your blog.  Accompany your blog with fabulous images, include contextual photos and animation videos that represent your blog. This will bring more readers to your blog.

5.   Do White Hat SEO

Now, the next step is traffic that will boost your rankings on the various search engines, to get started, do the following. Open an account on Quora, create a great profile, and put a link to your blog on your profile. Get busy, get engaged in quora. Go to folkd, StumbleUpon, Reddit, medium, HubPages, wizzley, deviant art, etc and open an account, create a great profile, and drop a link to your blog.

Go to Google and search for article directories, open an account on about 100 article directories, and drop a link to your blogs there. Search Engine Optimization is now necessary for every blog without it you cannot rank your blog or website. There are multiple ways to do SEO there are tricks and strategies that are followed some are white hat strategy and the other is black hat strategies. Always follow White Hat Strategy because it is the legal way to do SEO for your blog and website.

6.   Use Long-tail keywords in your blog

The Long-Tail Keyword Is A Must. Use keyword research to identify good topics to blog about. Write engaging blog post titles. Brainstorm Relevant Long-Tail Keywords. Optimize your blog posts for search engines. Use it in your finest technology blogs and technologist guest posts.

7.   Create feedback. Or comments section

The more people comment on your blog the more traffic will increase. The feedback section will encourage comments and user engagement. Invite readers to leave a comment, then respond and know that you are engaging.

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