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What We Leave after We Clean

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8Technologist has always taken cleanness as a very important matter. Whether it’s inside or outside of our homes and offices 8Technologist always pay attention to clean the environment. Leaving in the modern world we are slowly forgetting to clean the world, in fact, the outer space of the world is also now polluting due to the satellites that are left in space.

Today the world’s population is about 7.8 Billion is increasing rapidly. By the end of 2050, the earth’s population will increase up to 10 billion. Vice versa the world will also bear the untidiness due to an increase in the pollution. It should be necessary for everyone to clean the environment whether they live in their homes or work at their offices. The people must know that cleaning is the most important part of human life. Without cleaning the world, we cannot get cleanness otherwise the world will turn into a dustbin. In our technologist guest posts we spread positivity.

Whenever we clean something we have always left something that is very important. Here we are goanna discuss “What we leave after we clean”. I am going to tell you the 8 important notes that we do after cleaning. This finest technology blogs is going to be the very first explained in detail what we usually left after we clean something. Let’s dig into the topic.


1) Greenery:

About 31% of the world is cover with forest, but due to human mistakes, the world’s forest is losing their places. Pollution directly impacts the forest. Air pollution damages the forest directly through the foil and indirectly through the soil. The air and water pollution is making the forest sick and ill. The forest ecosystem is rapidly been affected. Recently due to global warming, the Amazon forest was burnt and most of the forest was burnt. As we know Amazon forest is called the lungs of the world. But due to the human neglect of cleanness the forest was burnt. But what if we start cleaning the environment we can make the world a better place. We can make the world again clean and green, just by cleaning the environment. The greenery can return if humans start to learn to clean the world.


2) Eco-friendly environment:

Whenever we create a product we use it and after sometimes we throw it into the garbage or outside our homes and offices. That product can be made from plastic, steel, aluminum, or anything else. We forget after throwing it. A normal plastic takes 450 years to biodegrade. So it means a plastic bottle that is thrown, it will take four and a half-century to turn into a mold. We can stop all these pollution just by turning our world into an earth-friendly system. Recycle all the products and use them again. We should not throw anything outside instead we should use a recycle bin. For an eco-friendly environment, we must act once and create such performances that can lead to recycling waste materials. Reduce the Amount of garbage you make, Reuse the things again instead of throwing them out, and Recycle the waste, paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum


3) A Lesson to clean the world:

Young people always pay attention to the elder ones. The youngsters follow the footsteps of their elders. Whether the elders are good or bad they follow it blindly. We should make a big step to make the cleaning practice necessary for everyone. Go to a local park and clean up the trash, Organize a cleanup day at your child’s school, Create posters for your children to display at their school, Plant a fruit or vegetable garden, Go on a Nature Walk, Host a picnic at your local park This will lead to creating a chain of a cycle that will move until the cleaning is not completed.

Ever visited Japan? If yes then one of the first things visitors to Japan notice is how clean everywhere is – yet there are hardly any litter bins and street sweepers. What’s the secret behind this contradiction? The easy solution is that the people themselves keep it that way. “The school life, from elementary school to high school, cleaning time is part of student’s school life’ daily schedule,”

We must know that the lesson to clean the world is must, necessary and important for everyone. We must not ignore this lesson ever. After cleaning we must not stop, cleaning should be part of the studies, and countries like Japan have made it already.


4) Pollution-free environment:

After cleaning we get a pollution-free environment. If we stop polluting the earth we will get fresh air and water. With these two important things living things cannot live without it. Cleaning the environment leads to a pollution-free environment.


5) A safe future:

The main thing that we left after cleaning is a safe future. The earth becomes a clean world that leads to creating a pleasant environment. The forests, air, water become clean.


6) Comfort to the world:

The world needs comfort by cleaning the earth. We can make the world a comfortable place if we start cleaning. The world is changing rapidly due to the pollution of the human. Human needs to start acting now, Comfort to the world will come when there will be cleaning all over the world.


7) More rains and pleasant weather:

As we clean the earth, weather changes itself. This leads to pleasant weather and happy rain. The more we will clean the world the more we will get pleasant weather.


8) A break on dangerous viruses and global warming:

Good health and wellbeing are now necessary for every human being in the world since the COVID-19 human is paying attention to their health. But we are forgetting something more important that is the health of the earth. Climate change is bringing a lot of global warming warnings. Due to the greenhouse gases, the ozone layer is also being affected. Also, many viruses are stopped due to the ozone layer, because the scientist has told if the layer is broken the cold waves will bring a huge change in the world and more deadly viruses that are frozen in the world will be free. This can be stopped if stop polluting the earth and start cleaning. This will lead to clean oceans, forests, mountains, deserts, islands. A break will be put on global warming and dangerous viruses.

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