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The Importance Of Web Design In Digital Marketing


Marketing in online spaces will inevitably bring customers to your website. If you want to launch a marketing campaign, having a professionally designed website is mandatory. However, there are a few additional ways that web design can be used to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising. In this article, we will explain the importance of web design in digital marketing and take a look at how design can be used to grow your brand.

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Use web design to create an amazing user experience

Instead of focusing on flashy features, you need to make sure that your design choices positively impact the overall user experience. Full-screen video might look nice, but if it causes your website to lag, it could result in frustrated visitors who leave before the site loads. Basically, every single element of design needs to be user-friendly. The user interface of your site should ease navigation and allow your visitors to find all the relevant information in an intuitive manner. You should also optimize your website for mobile devices since most search engines also consider that when determining rank in SERPs.

By ensuring that users have a good time on your website, you are increasing the chances that they will visit your site again. They will also be more likely to recommend your site to others, and positive word of mouth is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Unfortunately, poor web design can negatively affect your campaign just as easily. Besides suffering a large bounce rate, both users and search engines will start avoiding your website.

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Image source Ensure that your users have a positive experience on your website.

All roads lead to your landing page

When you click an online ad for any company, chances are you’ll get taken to their landing page. Arguably, it represents the most important page on your website. It’s the first page users will see when they arrive on your website. Even Google recommends optimizing your landing page to get the best results from your ads.

The reality is that you don’t get a second chance for a first impression. No matter how well the rest of your website is designed, if your landing page isn’t breathtaking and doesn’t immediately capture your website visitor’s interest, the rest of your web design is practically wasted. The landing page should exemplify the best qualities of your web design and be a showcase for what the rest of your website has to offer. If you need help developing the perfect landing page for your marketing campaign, you can contact us to assist you with web design and development. We understand the importance of web design in digital marketing and have plenty of experience creating engaging and interactive websites.

Your landing page should also have a CTA button. The Call to Action needs to stand out from the rest of the page visually, and it should inspire your visitors to take immediate action. Work on optimizing your conversion rate (CRO) because if more users perform your desired action, you will have more leads to work with, and that will result in a better bottom line.

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Image source Monitor the conversions on your landing page and make adjustments if needed.

Unify your branding

Your marketing and your web design need to be consistent in branding and graphic design. It can be incredibly jarring if you don’t use the same logo and color scheme across all of your online resources. Imagine clicking on an ad for a company and then being taken to a website that looks completely different. You might think that it’s a scam or that something suspicious is going on. You can avoid these situations and reduce your bounce rate by having a unified look and feel in your marketing and website.

Additionally, you can use the visual design of your website to accentuate essential elements on your pages. With the clever use of aesthetics, you can draw the attention of your website visitors to your CTA. However, keep in mind that the design shouldn’t be too busy and that empty space can also make important features stand out by giving them room to breathe.

Implement SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting a good rank for your website in search engine results. This pretty much goes hand in hand with what your marketing campaigns are trying to achieve – which is to get more people to your website. However, traditional SEO techniques rely on improving organic website traffic. Although some marketers refer to this as ‘free’ website traffic, you still need to go out of your way to implement SEO into your web design.

Unfortunately, you may need to redesign your current website to make it friendlier towards search engines. However, the importance of web design in digital marketing is obvious. For this reason, many business owners decide to do a complete overhaul of their existing website.

WordPress website designs can be used in digital marketing.
Image source Maybe it’s time to redesign your website to include the latest features.

Redesigning your website

At one point, you may realize that, regardless of how much effort you put into marketing, your site is holding you back. This means it’s probably time to think about the change of your website’s design. Ensure your website is SEO friendly and that the design supports your marketing plan. Additionally, you will need to go over your content and make sure it is also optimized for SEO. Content plays a large part in any marketing campaign, and it’s essential if you plan to branch out into social media as well.

Fortunately, redesigning your website isn’t as scary as it sounds. There are many efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business, and you can partner with experts who can get your website in top shape in no time. If you outsource your web design, you should take a hands-on approach, discuss your marketing plan, and make the best design choices to help your site stand out.

The bottom line

Now that we’ve gone over the importance of web design in digital marketing, you should examine the state of your website. Try to determine how well your website’s current features coincide with your marketing plan. From there, you can decide if you want to make changes to your site or perhaps build something new from scratch.

Author Bio:

James Conway is a Web Designer who works for Movers Development. By working in the service industry, James realized the importance of putting customers at the center of the marketing plan. Now he regularly writes about overcoming common marketing issues that small businesses face on a daily level.

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