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What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is one of the most important tools that marketers used. It is used to bring traffic and organic reach so that people can engage with your website. There is a number of website designs that are used by website developers and designers. But they do not pay attention to the landing page.

In the digital marketing world, the term landing page is used where a visitor lands on the web page. The visitors may come from email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube extra.

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Today in this blog 8Technoogist is going to explain the main and major mistakes that landing page designers do. The following mistakes are also affected by the marketing strategy. So let’s dig in.

1) Not including CTA:

Call to Action is an important part of digital marketing. In this process, there are short sentences that create awareness to bring engagement by the visitors and clients. You can add quick readable sentences in CTA. For example, talk to experts now! , click here to talk, talk now, etc.

2) Not using long-tail/short-tail keywords:

Always try to use those specific keywords that have high search volume. Catchy headlines always bring attention to users. For example how you can earn 1000$ in one week!

Also, remember that misleading headlines can create make the visitors leave. If your landing page heading is not related to the advertisement the viewers clicked on, chances are good that those viewers will leave the page immediately. If your headline is not making your viewers want to read more about your product, it should be changed. Make sure that your headline stands out in color or size, too.

3) Not focusing on branding:

Branding always represents the face of the landing page. Logo, videos, website designing always play an important part in bringing landing page importance. Your logo and icon always represent your brand. If you are not brand marketing then you must do it now. A landing page is the main page. The basics of your companies branding, color scheme, and messaging of a website can produce traffic at the very beginning. Always select your brand for the right audience.

4) No Images found:

Images are very important to explain the scenario. Without an image, you cannot bring any active readers and viewers to your landing page or website. A beautiful, clear, and correct image can represent what you are trying to say. Try not to use irrelevant, untrustworthy, and distracting, off-topic images.

5) Not using CMS:

Content Management System is used to create the web pages of the website. There are many free tools and open-source plugins and CMS. For example WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, SharePoint, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

6) Not using trending designs:

A landing page always brings attention to the viewers. The landing page is the first impression of the viewers. There is a saying first impression is the last impression.

7) Not introducing your company:

Your Company represents your landing page. If you have not introduced your company. Then people will not come on your particular web page. First, you must introduce who you are and what do you provide. If you have not enough information about your company then people will not trust your landing page. Try to write “Who are you? What are you doing? How long have you been in the industry? Why should I trust you?” These are all questions your website visitors likely have when they land on your page. Try to include a link to a simple “About Us” page in the top nav or footer of your website to help educate visitors about your company.

8) Slow Speed of your website:

The speed of the landing page is a very important factor. With slow speed pages, the visitors left the page quickly. The viewer always wants quick open ups. Neil Patel said that only the second delay could lead to half the traffic bounce. Speed is probably the biggest impact on the landing page. The slow loading time can be detected through free tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights. This will help you identify the elements on your page that take a long time to load. Also, try reducing the size of large images, minimize redirects whenever possible, and clean up your code.

9) Not including a video:

A video represents who you are and what do you provide. It is a quick way to represent your landing page. Sometimes people don’t want to read. They prefer watching a short intro video. You can create a 15 or 30-second video of introduction so that people can engage on your web page.

10) Not marketing your landing page:

If you are not marketing. Then you are not doing anything. It is a must for every landing page to market it land page. You can use social media networks to improve marketing. There are a number of sites that can help you reach huge traffic on our website.

11) Not mobile-friendly:

If your landing page is not mobile responsive. Then you must create such a design that can be user friendly and easy to use on mobile. If someone is opening in desktop or tablet the user must have able comfortable to see it.


So if you want to increase your visitors and bring traffic to your web page. Then you must avoid these mistakes. The main thing is to create an effective landing page. Just remember that you cannot just do some magic and it is done. It takes some time, creativity, page designing, content writing, and continuously testing your page. There is a number of tips and tricks that can get the perfect land page. 8Technologist had written many things about it. To explore more about us read the finest technology blogs, we also do technologist guest posts.

Did we miss anything on this blog? If yes then leave a comment below!


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