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How To Write A Phenomenal Headline For Your Personal Website That Will Increase 635% Traffic

If you are reading this post, so we know something caught your attention. Chances are, it was the headline. There are always some catchy words that give attention to readers. The importance of headlines should never be ignored, a short time spends finding and searching the right headline can make a lot of difference.  Let’s say you are writing a blog for your company for example technologist guest posts, here we are explaining the introduction of our company.

The headings play an important part about 80% of people read the headline before reading a blog or article. Writing a phenomenal headline for your website is very, very important. A good headline means that more people will click on your blog wherever they read it, it ensures that the effort you spent in writing the finest technology blogs does not go to waste, and it can also help your content to be picked up by search engine in the days, weeks and months after publishing.

Some Tips and Techniques for writing a phenomenal headline for your personal website

Your headline should have no more than 6 to 8 words, so make sure you pick the right ones. Headlines with 8 words perform best. These received a 21% higher click-through rate than average.

Ask a question.

The best way to get your reader involved is to ask some good questions. Ask questions that make sense. Always start your heading with why, how, what, this will create curiosity for the readers. For example how you can retire at twenty thousand a month!

Update your heading from time to time.

Because if you stay behind you will not be able to rank. You have to stay updated, which means your heading will change from time to time. Because people always read fresh and new content. Upgrading, Improving, Updating, Republishing the Old Headings, Article, Blogs, Contents, Leads to Better Search Rankings

Use SEO keywords

We have to use SEO ranking keywords in your headlines. By using SEO and rick keyword phrases there is a chance that people will be searching and looking for that word. The search volume of that keyword can help you increase your website’s traffic.

Google Suggestion

Always use suggested Google keywords that are LSI keywords that are mentioned at the bottom of the Google search engine. Google suggested words as you start to type your target keywords other words are showed and related searches at the bottom of the search result can also be good places to look for additional content ideas.


Yes, numbers play an important part in building your headlines for your websites. For example 25 basic rules for playing cricket. Or 10 best ways to build your home.


After using numbers you can use statistics in your headlines like 78.57% or 2/3rd extra. When you write the content with titles like this, make sure you provide references related to the major social media platforms and not just one.

Keep it simple

Write short, concise, and simple headlines. Try to Use catchy words and make your headlines click with an awesome punch line. Therefore, always develop the habit of writing short, concise, and write to the word content headlines to generate visitor interest. It will come with practice, practice, and practice.

Question/Answer Sites

You can catch the headline ideas from Q/A sites and social media sites using hashtags or trending topics. Google and YouTube can also help you creating phenomenal headlines for your website.

Readers are Leaders

The next idea to create a heading is by reading different books, newspapers, blogs, and articles. This will create a thinking cloud in your mind and will generate different heading for your websites

AIDA Formula

Your heading must have Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. These four basic things must be included in your headlines. These are the basic four pillars of your headline.

Write for humans, not bots

Your headline must be for the audience not for the bots. People came to read not the crawlers or bots. Your heading can be informative, curious, and even funny.  Creating informative headlines can bring knowledge to most people, and catchy headlines can bring curiosity to people to read what is on the website where funny headlines are always very important that make the user open the website.


Also, you can divide your headings into subheadings like H1, H2, H3, H4 . . . As much you can make headings you can create engaging headlines this will keep the users on your website and automatically your website traffic will increase up to 635%. Your traffic depends on the headlines you put on your website because there is a lot of searches that people write on the Google search engine as long as you are putting those words on your headlines people will come to your website and will stay

Long-tail Short tail

Try your best to write long-tail keywords on your headlines. Short tail keywords have high competition whereas long-tail keywords have low competition.

Describe your pictures

Your headline must describe the pictures that you mentioned on your website, blog, or article. This way people will engage on your website. The best practice should be heading mentioned in every picture you post on the blog or website. For example ABC Mattress: “Mattresses Designed to Improve Your Sleep” a picture of a mattress represented by the heading.

Top trending topics

Trending and viral headings can bring lots of traffic to our website. In fact, you can also use controversial headlines but you must be ready to face the opposition.


Success always doesn’t come quickly you have to work hard. Headlines must and always shall be written in bold and heading 1. If you have found the headlines then you must carry that heading in a professional way. Writing phenomenal headlines is not rocket science. It just takes an understanding of what causes users to share and read. The ideas that I have mentioned here work for a lot of successful websites. And they might work for you, too. Write the title for humans first. Keep your titles short and to the point. Add the most keyword closer to the start.  Optimize the title for multiple keywords as much as possible. Avoid keywords taken from other articles. Make your title catchy to improve the click-through rate.

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